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How much quilting experience do I need?
You will need to know how to apply quilting borders at the end of the process. Any quilting book or quilting store can help if you are unfamiliar with applying borders. This is all the quilting experience you will need.

How do you attach the fabric?
The "Design to Free-Motion Line" technique uses a product called Steam-A-Seam 2®. This product can be purchased at any sewing or quilting store.

Do you need an expensive or fancy sewing machine?
No, but you must be able to lower the "feed dogs" on your sewing machine or cover the "feed dogs" with a plate. You will need a darning foot, or free-motion sewing foot, on your machine to free-motion sew. Your machine should be in good working condition to ensure good black lines.

Do you wash the fabric first?
No, the end product is a wall hanging and does not require that the fabric be washed before or after.

Do I need to know how to free-motion sew?
No. The instructions, that come with the pattern, provide detailed information on how to free-motion sew. Plus, the instructions also walk you through a process to practice free-motion sewing before you sew on your project. The free-motion sewing lines are meant to be irregular, free and fun.

How long does is take to make a wall hanging?
If you worked on the project for one hour per day, it would take about two weeks.

Can exposure to the sun cause the wall hanging to fade?
Yes. Never hang the wall hanging in direct sunlight, or put behind windows.

Can you use regular sewing thread to free-motion sew?
We recommend black quilting thread. It is stronger, thicker and more visible.

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